Be Like Water

On March 25th, a bunch of cyclists set out to celebrate the arrival of spring in the form of a festive ride. Starting from Vienna, the group had planned to circumnavigate the Neusiedler Lake, crossing the Hungarian border and returning to Austria.

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Voler: Stow Bib Liner

No pack, no problem! Voler has been developing a Stow Bib Liner for those packless riding days that will fit everything you need for a ride. These liners go under your baggies and are a lighter weight option than a standard bib short. Two pockets on the back allow you to carry a pump, tools, riding wallet, water bottles and other essentials without having to weigh down your back. These are made in California and retail for $79. They’re in stock now at Voler, so head on over to check them out. They’re also giving away a pair for FREE! Head to their Instagram for more details.

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No. 22 Launch No. 6 Composites Forks Including a 700x45mm Clearance All Road

You might have caught this in this weekend’s NAHBS coverage but No. 22 have launched a new composites line dubbed No. 6 and with that launch come three new fork options: an all road fork, a disc road fork, and a rim brake road fork. Each fork has minimal branding and a sleek profile to fit your frame, but their all road fork really caught my eye. With clearance for a 45mm tire, 50mm rake, 382mm axle to crown, fender mounts, and barely there branding, these forks will be a surefire hit with builders. See more at No. 6 Composites.

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NAHBS 2019: Chris King Finally Offers XD Drivers on R45 Road Hubs

It took a long time and there’s a long story behind the reason for the abnormal wait but at NAHBS this year, Chris King released the plug-n-play XD driver for their R45 road hubs. Now, there is a compatibility window for this replacement driver, so you should check with your local bike shop to see if your hubs can take the 11-speed driver, but if you have a Centerlock hub, then you’re good to go. Head to your local shop to inquire about the upgrade so you can use SRAM’s 10-42 cassette on your all-road bike.

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NAHBS 2019: Santa Cruz 650b and 700c Reserve Wheels for All Road Bikes

When it comes to carbon MTB wheels, Santa Cruz’s Reserve line is quite the deal. With modern rim profiles, minimal branding, and a lifetime warranty, they’re hard to pass up. All they needed to do was offer their rims in dropbar, or all-road friendly shapes. At NAHBS 2019 they did just that, now offering 700c and 650b Reserve Rims, with the same warranty as their MTB rims, all for a retail of $599 a hoop. See more features below. (more…)

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Affinity Cycles and Phil Wood Make a Left Hand Drive Track Kit

There has always been this kooky thing floating around the internet and oftentimes, even on the streets. I’ve seen it before in New York, someone JB Welds or finds another way to permanently attach a fixed cog to a hub on the left side. Sure, it’s mostly for looks, but there’s certainly a bit of appeal to something so weird. There are even reports of the USA team pursuit squad claiming it’s faster.

Whatever the reason, be it looks, or gains, Affinity Cycles contacted Phil Wood with a request to make a left hand drive kit. Affinity made 10 of these kits and they sell for $1,000 including everything you need to get your bike rolling… from the left.

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Frances Cycles: The Farfarer Trailer

Designed by Quentin Lindh, the Farfarer Trailer is the result of more than 10 years of real-world design and testing. They have been overloaded, dragged through snow, mud and rock gardens. These trailers are very light at less than 10lbs and every piece is designed to never fail. It’s an over-engineered but still lightweight trailer, built for the long haul!

The long, curved tubes provide compliance and spring so the trailer doesn’t bounce around on rough terrain. The hitch is completely rigid so that climbing out of the saddle feels good and neutral. Mid-point couplers on the long tubes allow the trailer to break down and ship in a 36x16x7 box or pack into a normal bike box with a full-size bicycle, allowing for easy travel logistics to and from the tour. Use it in a city or in the country, it’s a perfect mate for hauling a load.

Recently re-worked and now built here by Frances Cycles. Still available in black with grey Cordura load bag, although don’t be surprised to see it pop up in some other colors as well.

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Paul Component Engineering: Chim Chim MTB Bar Ends

Those of us who remember MTB bar ends, recalls a different era of the sport. Nowadays, bar ends like this make a lot of sense on a flat bar ‘cross or bikepacking rig, especially when you consider the extra cargo capacity of these new Chim Chim MTB bar ends by Paul Component Engineering. To see what I mean, head to PAUL for more information and see two “in the wild” photos below, showcasing their carrying capacity. ;-)


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Mosaic Cycles Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary at the 2019 NAHBS

10 years in any industry is reason to celebrate and this year, Mosaic Cycles is doing just that. Choosing NAHBS to showcase unique bikes that epitomize their craft and creativity, we thought we’d share some of the unique builds they’re bringing to the tradeshow this weekend in a NAHBS sneak peek. We’ll keep this entry simple, so check out four of their eight bikes that will be on showcase at NAHBS this year below! (more…)

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Nevada Highway 50 MTB Road Trip Video

Remember that trip we took at the end of the summer last year in Nevada? Well, James from Drop Media finished up the video, which features all the trails we rode. Check it out above and see the galleries from the trip in the Related column on the left.

In a related note, the registration for Fears, Tears, and Beers, the oldest enduro MTB race in the country, has opened! This is the big event for Great Basin Trails Alliance to raise money to go towards building new trail. The race has equal payouts and is known for being a good, challenging time. The event caps out at 200 registrants, so get on it!

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