Paul Component Engineering and Squid Bikes Tease the Sierra Shredder!


Paul Component Engineering and Squid Bikes Tease the Sierra Shredder!

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Because of our shared obsession with bikes, beer, and American manufacturing and innovation, we’ve begun a collaboration guaranteed to grab the eyeballs of every attendee at this year’s Sea Otter Classic (the biggest US bicycle event of the year). Our vision is a frame manufactured and custom painted here in Northern California by Squid Bikes, covered in Sierra Nevada Logos, then outfitted with glistening parts machined by us right here in Chico, that have been anodized a beautiful, sparkling, Pale Ale Green.

   This bike re-ignites most people’s first sensations of bike lust as a kid, with shiny colorful anodized parts, wild paint, and classic chrome, on a style of bike that probably gave you your first childhood experience with adrenalin (and a scrape on the knee): a BMX bike. Bumped up in size to fit adults who are bored with fancy road bikes and in need of a good excuse for bringing a 4th bike into the garage, this bike is stripped down to the bare essentials of fun, a bike that was indeed conceived while brainstorming the most fun way to go on a beer run.

Frame: Squid Bikes Made in California

Hubs, Seatpost, Stem, Brake, Blake Lever: PAUL Component Engineering Made in Chico, California

Cranks, Freewheel, Headset, Chainring, Bottom Bracket: White Industries Made in California

Rims: Velocity Made in the USA

Debut: Sea Otter Classic April 19-22 2018″