Panorama Cycles Boreal Pinion Touring Bike


Panorama Cycles Boreal Pinion Touring Bike

Just announced today, the newest bike from the East Coast of Canada-based Panorama Cycles is a pinion gearbox touring bike dubbed the Boreal Pinion (4,399$ – 5,999$ CAD). Find out more below…

After conclusive tests on the 2500+km Baja Divide in Mexico and during the TransBoreale expedition (complete winter crossing of Quebec from south to north), the Boreal Pinion bike is offered in a limited series. Each bike will be coated with Prismatic Powder to order, supplied by the customer, making it completely unique.

The highlight of the Boreal Pinion is the Pinion drivetrain. Combined with the Gates carbon belt, it is virtually maintenance-free and extremely durable. The performance of the Pinion internal gear system is unsurpassed, while the wide range of gear ratios is exceedingly large (600% for the C1.12 model – other models available on request) and each gear is evenly spaced.

For half-road/half-off-road touring, 29×2.0 (700×50) tires will provide an optimum ride. For off-road use, 27.5″ tires of equivalent diameter, i.e. 27.5×2.6, are the appropriate choice. The two 32-spoke wheel options (for greater durability) are offered with the purchase of the complete bike. In both options, no lack of mud clearance while the frame and fork can accommodate 29×2.8 tires.

See more and pre-order today at Panorama Cycles.

Use the promo code borealpinion at checkout to proceed to the 50% reservation deposit. Delivery scheduled for April 2024.