Outlier Reconstructs the Men’s Dress Shirt


Outlier Reconstructs the Men’s Dress Shirt

It’s kind of sad that I don’t own a tie, or a suit, or a tux. Dress clothes aren’t my forte. I can schlep it into the office in a flannel and denim every day if I want. Unfortunately everyone can’t be a slacker like that (not saying I’m a slacker!). They’ve got to dress in a professional and presentable way. Outlier addresses the demand for higher-end dress clothing with a nod to their bicycle commuter consumers with a Men’s Dress Shirt.

Introducing Outlier‘s Pivot Sleeve Shirt, the classic buttondown shirt, re-engineered for 21st century movement. It began life as a dress shirt cut for urban cyclists, but the result is simply an overall better men’s shirt. The patent pending pivot sleeve opens the arms up to a full range of motion, while eliminating the stress points and excess fabric that plague contemporary dress shirts. A lean active form counterbalanced with traditional single needle tailoring and two-ply Italian spun Egyptian cotton. Manufactured locally in Newark New Jersey with superb craftsmanship by the Gambert Shirt Corp.

Available now via Outlier’s webshop for $120.

More info available here.