Outlier: ML Brown & Co Keychain


Outlier: ML Brown & Co Keychain

ML Brown & Co. have been making fine leather goods in NYC for over a decade. Originally from North Carolina (like someone else I know) Mathieu has been fine-tuning his work while sticking to his Southern roots. Exquisitely crafted, hand-made leather goods are his forté. Naturally, being a small company in Brooklyn, Outlier decided to team up with ML Brown & Co. on a leather braided keychain.

Text from Outlier:

The Braided Keychain attaches easily to a belt loop, but is long enough to tuck your keys out of site in a back pocket. It can also be worn around a bike lock chain to allow easy access for undoing the lock quicker. If your hands are full, wrap it around your wrist. The Harken-5 shackle is rated for sailing the high seas so we are guessing it can handle the weight of carrying your keys around town too. $57 and shipping late December.

More information can be found here.