Out of Print Mag Interviewed Me


Out of Print Mag Interviewed Me

This was my first audio interview. Most people send me questions to answer in an email and they’re usually pretty typical. When I was in Philly last week, Jesse and Ronnie from Out of Print Magazine said they wanted to interview me. I was extremely greatful and agreed to meet Jesse in NYC last weekend. He tells the story best:

When you meet someone for an interview and the first thing they do is they buy a beer and tell you to, “hold on one second while I take a piss in this alley,” some people might be put off by that. Those actions just solidified in my mind that this was going to be a good time. I met John in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon during the Bike Fetish Day celebrations where we found a nice stoop for our Q & A session. If you follow his blog (Prollyisnotprobably.com), you know it gives you a sense that he is a very humble and down to Earth kind of guy. Well, that is exactly what I found to be the truth. It was a lot of fun to sit down and talk with him about fixed freestyle, architecture, and toys, but for as much fun as it was, he always kept an air of seriousness about it.

Check out the full interview here! Thanks again guys!