Omnium Cargo SL Mesh Cover


Omnium Cargo SL Mesh Cover

There’s going to be a lot of Omnium Cargo in the near future over here as John is reviewing a MiniMax but we wanted to share the latest announcement from the brand if there are any owners out there. Omnium’s new Super Light (SL) Mesh Cover (€79,) was designed to be the lightest platform for your Omnium cargo bike.

Why? In case you plan on using an Omnium for a bike tour, you need all the weight savings you can get. Especially if you intend to use it on a bikepacking race like the Silk Road Mountain Race!

Omnium’s sponsored athlete, Allan Shaw, helped develop the SL Mesh Cover for just that. Allan raced the Silk Road Mountain Race with the SL Mesh Cover. It’s in these conditions where every gram counts! Especially if you’re not using a e-cargo platform like the one Morgan reviewed.


  • Price: €79,
  • Compatible with all Cargo and Mini-max racks
  • Nylon and Mesh Construction
  • Black
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Weight: 300g +/- 20g
  • Carrying Capacity: 40kg


See more at Omnium.