An Ode to the EE Cycleworks Brakes


An Ode to the EE Cycleworks Brakes


I catch a lot of flack for saying things like “these are the best brakes” and “I’ll never ride another set of brakes again”. Rightfully so. What I’ve learned in the past is to say things like “these brakes impressed me, both in design and stopping power” and “modulation is king!”

Writing product reviews ain’t easy, especially when a company gives you their product to test out, which is not the case here. I bought these brakes because I believe in supporting the US-manufacturing economy.

EE Cycleworks is a small shop, that produces a handful of components, all of which are incredibly well-designed – from an aesthetics standing – and from what I can tell so far, are easy to service.

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When I bought these brakes, they were a cinch to setup. I’ve put well over 1,000 miles on them, in all conditions. From pissing rain, to freezing rain, to cooked, hot asphalt and steep, technical descents. Coming from my SRAM Force calipers, they feel like I’m holding some ancient Nordic rune in my hands…

One thing to note: they actually fit a number of rim widths and tire sizes. My setup is H+Son Archetype or Hed Belgiums and 28c 4 Seasons. That’s a big tire for a road bike!

There’s not much else to say here. I feel like the best product reviews are the ones where there are a few photos, showing use and very little words. There are more than enough reviews on the ‘net, where people create bullshit tests to quantify their claims. For me, riding something and not having to think about it is testament enough. If they sucked, they wouldn’t be on my bike and I wouldn’t have bothered to write this!

Expensive? Yeah, they’re $600 a pop. Worth it? Every penny – if you have the means – if not, stick with what you’re rolling now. These are a luxury item for sure. I bought mine from Fairwheel Bikes, along with the Tune skewers.


I’m putting them on my Argonaut next, because the Bishop keeps gloating on my bike wall and the Argonaut gets jealous very easily…