NOS Eddy Merckx Adidas Cycling Shoes


NOS Eddy Merckx Adidas Cycling Shoes

Unfortunately, these came a day late for Merckx Mondays but I’ll post them anyway. I won a pair of Eddy Merckx Adidas cycling shoes off eBay a few weeks ago. Finally, after dealing with a tough work schedule, I was able to pick them up from the post office. I’ve been scouring the internet and bike shops for a pair for years. Usually they come up in the later models from the 80’s colorways. Never with the old cleat style.

Adidas made these particular models in 1974 if I’m not mistaken; I’ve looked everywhere on the shoes and the box for a date mark for some indication. Check out some more photos below.

The shoes and the box are in amazing condition for being 30 years old.

Still with the tags!

No, really. Brand new.

The cleats don’t even show wear. I’m so stoked on these. Definitely the best eBay purchase I’ve made in a while.

My plan is to take more detailed shots in a photo booth and post them at a later date. I’ve never seen documented images of these on the internet and I’d like them to be legit, hence the lack of full-shoe photos. Why won’t Adidas re-issue these? Or something similar. Maybe they are, who knows…