Moment Industries: Made in the USA Disk Rotors


Moment Industries: Made in the USA Disk Rotors

With the popularity of disk brakes on cross and (gasp) road bikes, it’s nice to see some made in the USA options available. That aside, I can’t get over how metal this looks. Like something out of ancient Alemannic imagery. Here’s the gist:

“Moment Industries has designed and manufactured rotors for the last seven years. They recently introduced the “Storm” rotor which is laser cut and manufactured in California. The Storm is offered in 160mm – 185mm – 203mm. Considering the majority of 2013 cyclocross bikes will come standard with 160mm disk brakes like the Marin Cortina (shown in the photo) this shift will allow riders to upgrade the components to better fit their style.

MOMENT brake rotors are forged from 410 series straight-chromium stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance, heat-treated to superior hardness at temperatures in excess of a 1000°F, then double disc-ground for guaranteed removal of imperfections.

Made in the USA”

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