Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

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How about a little Reader’s Rides / Merckx Mondays mashup today? Arthur Arcinas send me in photos of his Eddy Merckx Panasonic Corsa Extra a few weeks back and I’m finally getting around to posting them up. The Panasonic team paint job is one of the best to ever leave the Merckx factory. In my opinion, it’s third, next to the Telekom and Stuttgart paint schemes. Arthur built his up with a Chorus and Record mix, complete with Ventos and a Rolls saddle.

Edit: So it’s not a Panasonic but it’s still a clean build!

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Stunning huh? I usually don’t like bikes shot indoors but this one looks like a piece of art in that modern home. Thanks for sending these in Arthur! Next week, we’ll look at Anthony’s Hitachi team issue!