Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


Don’t worry, that’s not mine. It has however been featured here before on this blog. My friend Justin Petro loaned it to Tony so that we could go on a nice hill ride while he was in town. I never really got the chance to shoot photos of it so the other night when he brought it to a party, I grabbed a few detail shots for today’s post.

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Speaking of hill rides, here’s my Merckx sitting on Red Bud, looking out to the city after I did a loop through hill country a few weeks back.


Side-stepping a bit, Cody sent in some photos of his new Merckx Pista build. Seeing bikes like this kinda make me miss my Merckx. Ride her good dude!





I still have to shoot a full shot of Justin’s bike but until I do, here are some details. Such a clean bike! It’s a great example of how a modern group can really make a vintage frame zing! Check out more of what Justin does, here at Thinktiv.