Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

Team Faema Merckx pic by Marcello

Amazing pictures from this year’s Eurobike. Here’s the classic Faema Merckx road bike with Nuovo Record, Cinelli cockpit,saddle and in immaculate condition.

Team Faema Support Car pic by Marcello

Who can forget this beauty?

Molteni Pista Re-Issue pic by Marcello

All this to promote the 2010 Eddy Merckx line. Which includes this Molteni re-issue. I’m not really into this at all. I feel like the spirit of the Molteni pista is stuck in limbo somewhere. It’s an opportunistic modern bike with a 1″ steerer, which is fine, but if you’re going to do a steel bike with a 1″ steerer, why do a unicrown fork? It looks like the Bianchi Pista fork. Why not make a nice, sloping crown fork? The original Merckx forks were so sexy. Do it proper. The geometry also looks a little slack. I understand making geometries more street-friendly, but this isn’t just any track bike. It’s a Molteni!

Also not really liking the way this bike was built for the show. I hate 1 1/8″ stems on 1″ steerers. Again, it’s an aesthetic thing, but if you want to build an homage or re-issue, why not deck it out with a proper group? Campy still makes a Pista group guys. It’s not hard to nail that one on the head.

Anyway, I’ve also heard rumors that the minds behind the Stash / Futura Colnagos will be making Merckx Pistas with more street artists. Could be cool. We’ll see!

For the record, I really would love to see Merckx put out a re-issued Faema road bike. It doesn’t even have to be chromed anywhere, just don’t botch the fork!

If these were your photos, please email me or post a comment and I’ll update the photographs with your credit. Thanks!