Matt Spencer for Leader Bike USA


Matt Spencer for Leader Bike USA

So you wanna know why I always hate on pegs with fixed gears? Because while you’re out doing icepicks going 2mph or throwing bars out of feebles you could go out and do something truly unique. Having pegs limits the concentration of creativity. Without pegs, you can crankarm, pedal or sprocket grind. Doing so requires a bit of finesse and creativity, something that you don’t acquire over night. Yet so many people try to focus only on what tricks are popular or cool at the moment.

Here’s a perfect example. Matt Spencer is truly pushing this sport. Moreso than many people and he’s not on some self-promotion soapbox. Dude just rides. Each edit is difference, his style is smooth like butter on butter and he’s riding a 700c pegless bike. This is the best edit of 2011 so far.

Matt Spencer, this edit brought a tear of hope to my eye my friend. Leader must be stoked to have you on their team.