Joel Weston Again


Joel Weston Again

Joel Weston’s Fakie Wheelies from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Edit: Apologies dudes, Joel kindly asked that the video would be removed. You’ll see more in the next Macaframa project.

More proof that Joel Weston is indeed blasting fakie wheelies. They’re looking better and better each video I see. If you still don’t believe he’s doing these, then I guess you’ll need to go out to SF to see for yourself! Next up, done in traffic maybe?

It seems like every few months someone comes up with a trick that stumps the fixed gear community. Tom did a nose-manual for Bootleg Sessions 2 and everyone was dumb-founded. Sam Miller, Tom Mosher, Ed Wonka and others keep pushing the envelope and raising the bar. Every week someone’s pushing the sport and It’s so exciting to see it unfold.

I’m still tickled to death that some someone tried to fake one of these. Big ups to Joel for single-handedly re-appropriating a trick to a street fixed gear. Mad respect man!

Video sent in by Rich Baldwin

Music: Seeeriousss (Chef VIP Special) by Noah D

Joel Weston Practicing
Macaframa: Joel Weston