Inthecutts Episode 3: Macaframa


Inthecutts Episode 3: Macaframa

inthecutts Episode-3 Macaframa from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.

You’ve probably seen this by now but I’m posting it anyway!

While filming Massan for a Leader bikes commercial with Colin and Colby, Inthecutts tagged along with some behind-the-scenes action. Numerous little secrets were alluded at, including the new Macaframa x Mike Giant x Raleigh bikes and details on the scope for Macaframa 2.

Check out the press-release from Inthecutts below!

Here we go, In The Cutts with Macaframa filming a Leaders Bikes commercial
on 22nd Street hill in San Francisco with Massan. Apollo busts a “Superman
Scraper Skid” right in the face of the most influential bike crew in the
world. That takes balls (no pun).

Colin (Macaframa) leaks some very interesting news of their bike frame
coming out this year. The frame includes an artist collaboration. We’re a
little quick on the jump of that news and had to bleep out the names but
maybe you can read lips. One hint, the artist is huge in SF.

Massan on Macaframa