Hold Fast Atomlab Bruiser


Hold Fast Atomlab Bruiser

This is why I love Milwaukee; their paint jobs rule! On all of their bikes, they’ll do a variety of custom paintjobs. All local too, which gives them a fast turn around. I was talking to Jeremiah when he decided on the color for the Hold Fast Bruiser that was going to Interbike with him.

Atomlab’s bars are this piercing bright red and Jeremiah wanted the Bruiser’s fork to match.

Milwaukee’s local painter followed through! Something a factory paint job can’t come close to touching. Really nice. Remember, the Bruiser has been restocked and the guys like a challenge, so shoot them your wildest paintjob idea and they’ll follow through!

This guncoat is an extra $125 and takes 3 weeks to process. The coating covers the entire frame, inside and out; protecting your ride for a long, long time. It’s also the best way to achieve the raw look without compromising the lifetime warranty.

Via Ben’s Cycle Blog