Help Cranky’s Owner Jim C Out


Help Cranky’s Owner Jim C Out

I was just going through my emails when I came across this and then Tracko posted it up as well. I met Jim once, in Tokyo, during the CMWC and he was a brilliantly charismatic guy. As the owner of Cranky’s, a great bike shop, he needs our help.

“This past weekend leading a youth BMX trip, Jim C a figure in our local bike community and Cranky’s shop owner took a really bad crash and landed himself in the hospital. He was rushed into surgery and spent the past couple days in the hospital racking up some big bills. Jim has done so much for our community so if you feel like supporting this awesome guy the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition has set up a donation site at

Back when Jim C. first moved out to Santa Barbara three years ago, coalition members were in awe. He brought with him the Bicycle Film Festival, the energy of the LA bike movement, Cranky’s, Gold Sprints, a cyclocross race, and even youth trips 100 miles away because of the BMX ban in our skate park.

Jim served the last two years as a Board member of the Bicycle Coalition active in both our events planning and in the advocacy arena. He tirelessly interacts with new and established cyclists to push our cause, hosts challenging events, and captains the ship at Cranky’s. Jim has helped so many of us, and now it’s time to help him.

At this time, 100% of SB Bicycle Coalition Injured Cyclist Fund donations are going to Jim Cadenhead, who is currently hospitalized due to a major crash during the annual Youth BMX overnight trip that he coordinates out to Atascadero.

He will have significant medical bills from this injury and does not have health insurance. It’s time for everyone to give back to Jim C!”

PLEASE donate anything you can to the Injured Cyclist Fund to help Jim C! I just did and you can too. Even $1 helps.