Golden Saddle Rides: Jack Brown-Equipped ANT Townie

Golden Saddle Rides: Jack Brown-Equipped ANT Townie
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

This is what happens when you have the Jack Brown Blues…

These particular tires were bought by one of our customers for the Dirty Hundo earlier in the year. After the ride this customer decided he would never ride a bicycle on the dirt again. He sold his Cyclocross bike, but couldn’t let go of these magnificent tires. Next thing you know, he’s bought this ANT just to have a bicycle to put the tires on…

He still only had a frame/fork, brakes, and tires. You’d think that he’d have some money left over from the Cyclocross sale, but he’d spent all of that money on a custom Rock Lobster road bike and a few late nights out on the town. Next thing you know, he’s talked some big time fashion photographer into renting the bike for a super swank fashion shoot, which paid for the remainder of the build and the rest was history.

While these tires will probably never see a dirt road again, they are cruising around town, having coffee, and dinging bells at just about everything walking down the street.


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