Geekhouse Bikes: Indonesian Rockcity Track Bike 02


Geekhouse Bikes: Indonesian Rockcity Track Bike 02


As soon as I finished photographing the cherry blossom Rockcity, the sun went away and we were left with dark overcast. Wondering how I’d tie in the bike pairing with a second location, Marty pointed out the moss-like covering in the back of a neighboring parking lot. The second Geekhouse matched perfectly! With its muted, earth-tone spring paint job, it just kinda disappeared in the fallen leaves and mildew-covered fence.

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The Sugarcoat on this Rockcity track bike is something else. Unlike the other bike, the colors and build are much more reserved and the track drops give it a beastly appearance. Not to mention the integration of the bi-oval top tube and teardrop downtube!


This is a street-worthy race machine but it’d hold its own on the track as well!


So sick.


I’m really feeling this build. It’s got a bit of Brad’s touch in it, along with Marty’s eye for color. Geekhouse is really stepping their game up! We’ve seen three sick bikes in the past week from them and I can’t wait to see who ends up with them in Indonesia! Check out a few more photos at my Flickr.

Geekhouse Bikes: Indonesian Rockcity Track Bike 01
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