Fourth Wall Project


Fourth Wall Project


What seems like ages ago, I posted Independent Fabrication‘s winning submission to the Handmade Bicycle Show. Granted it was 2007, but I always say it’s amazing how far this track bike culture has come in such a short time.

Open Bicycle just posted about Bodega‘s newest side-project, Fourth Wall.

What is Fourth Wall? Well check it out:

The Fourth Wall Project was created to enable artists to show multidisciplinary works in a span of several locations and capacities. Building on recent cultural endeavors in Paris, where unutilized developed spaces are temporarily transformed into galleries, cafes and community centers, The Fourth Wall Project seeks to create culturally relevant exhibitions all the while giving lifeless buildings the exhuberance of activity. We curate based on our neighborhood, socio-economic climate, excellence in craft and purity of execution. Through examining the artists’ daydream, we may see ourselves more clearly.