Fixed Gear Freestyle’s Top 10 Web Edits of 2009


Fixed Gear Freestyle’s Top 10 Web Edits of 2009

k@nt!09HAMAbike from k@nt! on Vimeo.

After yesterday’s Fixed Gear Freestyle’s Top 10 Photos of 2009, I’ve been working on the Fixed Gear Freestyle’s Top 10 Web Edits of 2009. Talk about another tough decision. Unlike yesterday’s post, I’m not going to be concerned with the quality of the cinematography as much as the heightened caliber of riding. I’ve also left off any web trailers from video projects. So here we are; Fixed Gear Freestyle’s Top 10 Web Edits of 2009. These are in order by the way.

#01 k@nt! 09 HAMAbike BFF Edit. Nasty and the K@nt crew killed shit. I don’t think there’s any debate here. Massive gaps, techy lines and a clean-ass full-cab down some stairs.

The Revival Premiere, New York City from Skitch Clothing on Vimeo.

#02 The Revival Premiere: New York City. This one’s not even a month old, so it really captures the current state of FGFS. The top riders from the Northeast came to NYC for the premiere of The Revival. Tom LaMarche, Tom Mosher, Torey, Wonka, Tony, Drew and others rode together that night at the Peel Sessions spot, regardless of the rain and at the Banks the following day.

Boobleg Sessions from John Prolly on Vimeo.

#03 Boobleg Sessions. What can I say? It captures the original assholes’ riding pretty well. Tom and Tony were behind the whole “BMX tricks” on fixed gears from the beginning and this latest edit shows the East Coast way of life. Keep watch for more from them in Bootleg Sessions 4. What I’ve seen so far is unprecedented.

Eric Puckett Houston Fixed from Osker Koronado on Vimeo.

#04 Eric Puckett. This edit was pretty big when it dropped. Eric brought some Texas flavor to the Fixed Gear Scene. His 180 bars and quick lines were, at the time, bar-raising. Puckett’s continued to improve his riding, as you’ve seen in future edits.

BFF edit. from chuck reynolds on Vimeo.

#05 Aloha Fixed 2009 NYC BFF Edit. I felt that, in the end, this edit did an amazing job at capturing the energy that was in the air during this year’s BFF. Much more so than my two edits (BFF09 Week Edit pt. 1 and BFF09 Week Edit pt. 2). It really shows the comradeship and jackassery that went into riding and hanging out all week.

hfwido’s summer weby 09 from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

#06 HFWido’s Summer Edit. What can I say? Torey’s developed his style immensely since he’s been here in NYC. He’s become Wonka’s right hand man and continues to push himself and the sport.

Gorilla in Paris from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

#07 GOrilla in Paris Full Edit. As the culmination of multiple other edits, as well as the recent Kilroy edit, GOrilla has documented Wonka’s progression as a rider and the equipment he uses. Really great cuts.

Open Bicycle – Sean Milnes from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

#08 Open Bicycle – Sean Milnes. Even though being well-shot wasn’t a category for this list, the way Quarter Productions captured these gaps and lines helps show the technical-precision Sean achieved in this edit. Sean is Open Bicycle‘s fixed gear rider and once again, has shown an incredible amount of improvement.

My Summer Shit from chris clappe on Vimeo.

#09 Chris’ Summer Shit. Chris Clappe has quickly become one of my favorite riders. He’s got a good balance of flatland style and bmx-influence in his riding. His section in the Revival was great and this edit from the Summer does him justice.

edittttt (not all in a schoolyard) from Taylor Dwight on Vimeo.

#10 Not All in a Schoolyard. Taylor’s coming up. He’s holding it down for the West Coast. Following up his first web edit, shot entirely in a school yard’s tennis court, he took this one to the streets, trees and found some inspiration in riding a janky-little bank setup in his driveway. Since then, he’s been filming for Gnarcotix.

I think these edits capture Fixed Gear Freestyle’s progression over the past year. It’s really a telling sign when most of them were recorded in the last few months. The riding is progressing and the riders are getting younger. There were so many edits to sift through. It was a tough decision and sorry if your edit didn’t make the cut.

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