Field Cycles: Sheffield Steel Peloton Road


Field Cycles: Sheffield Steel Peloton Road


Man, I really want to see one of Field Cycles’ bikes in person and even take one on a quick spin one day, especially after seeing what just rolled out of their shop. The Sheffield Steel Peloton Road is a crit racer’s dream ride. Stiff where it matters and just flashy enough. Check out Field’s thoughts on this bike, along with some more photos below!


We wanted to build something special that Sheffield could be proud of to celebrate our part in the Yorkshire Festival leading upto the Tour de France in Yorkshire. This bike is the culmination of our involvement in the ’Sheffield Steel Peloton’ – part of the 100 days of Culture leading upto the Grand Depart.


We set about building a Contemporary Steel race bike, Tom drew up a fantastically celebratory paint design which John applied flawlessly, using only paint and masking. We never use any stickers and it allows us total freedom to create a vibrant, original and unique paint finishes.


The frameset uses a range of tubing from three different manufacturers. Reynolds 853 front triangle and a Columbus Life chainstays, we love these, the shape and ride quality are spot on for a bike like this. Seatstays are taken care of using S-bend Dedaccia tubes, they are made even more elegant with some additional bending and shaping. The frame uses a 44mm i.d oversized headtube, which allows the use of the curvy Whiskey Parts Co 1.125 – 1.25 tapered fork – this really complements the curves at the rear end of the frame.


The frame is fillet brazed with the fillets flawlessly polished back to give a seamless transition from tube to tube, this starts with putting a smooth neat fillet down from the torch and then carefully filing, sanding and polishing them out to an immaculately smooth seamless joint.


HED Uk kindly supplied a pair of Stinger race wheels which finish off the build of this bike beautifully. The weight of these things is incredible. We’re really pleased with this bike, its the result of each of us doing our particular bit as well as we possibly can – each taking on our own part of the process with the collective pursuit of building a beautiful object. It was great to see our hard work being noticed when we won ‘best bicycle’ at the Yorkshire Bike show held at Leeds Town Hall just hours before the peloton embarked on the Tour De France just outside.