Farewell’s Memory Palace Saddle or Handlebar Pack


Farewell’s Memory Palace Saddle or Handlebar Pack

Santa Fe’s own Farewell Bags is dropping a limited run of its latest bag design, dubbed the Memory Palace. Find out the 411 on this new bag below…

The Memory Palace is a 16L handlebar or saddle pack, with multiple pockets, a zippered pouch under the main flap and two roomy side pockets. There is a limited release today at 2 PM, MST, with a few color blocked designs available to test interest. Another batch will be on the way shortly.

It attaches to your saddle or handlebars with a Voile Nano strap along a webbing link chain. Head tube spacers are also supplied with an elastic cord to tie the bottom to the head tube.

Closure is made possible by open ended ladder clips that hook to a link webbing chain on the front of the bag. You can lock these for when the going gets rough or leave them open for quick access.

Roll over to Farewell today at 2 PM to see more.