Faction Cycling Co.


Faction Cycling Co.


Hailing from Chi-Town, Faction Cycling makes jerseys, caps and shirts, all in the USA. Accompanying each of their products are clever-little descriptions.

Like this one for the Metro: Flatlander:

Despite the unyielding winters, pothole-laden streets, and perpetually crooked politics, Chicago is where we proudly hang our cap. If you share this fondness, don this tasteful tribute and get out and dodge some potholes.


The description for the Share the Road jersey is also pretty funny. Watch out picking on the lollerbladers, there’s always a backlash!

With all their arm-flailing and flipper-kicking, roller bladers can be a real nuisance. Before you don The Beast and your battle axe and take it to them, consider this more polite approach.

Looking great. Keep it up guys! Follow their blog here.

Sorry it took me so long to post this Hector!