Tools That Rule: A Quick Review of the Equipt Sardine Multi-Tool and a Group Ride Giveaway!


Tools That Rule: A Quick Review of the Equipt Sardine Multi-Tool and a Group Ride Giveaway!

Multi-tools are an endemic part of cycling and the less you have to think about grabbing one as you head out the door, the better. John’s been using the Equipt Sardine ($60) for a few months now, mounting its 3D-printed holder under the bottle cages on his bikes, and is pleased to report back that this tool rules…

Packaging and Specs

The Sardine multi-tool retails for $60, and features a Hex #3, #4, #5, #6, and a T25 torx bit. Each bit is on a bolted swivel at either end of the tool, allowing for easy ergonomics, with the #6 bit on its own. Notably, there is no #8 bit because the Sardine is not intended to be used as a pedal wrench. The tool itself weighs 38 grams.


Due to its approximately 3.5″ long size and slender shape, the Sardine fits nicely in your palm while offering just the right amount of leverage, making on-the-bike adjustment easy. Please note: Many torx bolts, like the ones on this PAUL Boxcar stem, require special attention regarding the torque spec, so be sure to tighten the bolts to specification (Steerer Tube: 5nm
Faceplate: 4nm) when you have access to a torque wrench.

Storage on the Bike

With so many carbon and some aluminum bikes taking advantage of oversized downtubes and hidden storage, we folks who ride steel bikes are always looking for ways to keep tools on the bike. Bottle cage mounts are one of the ways to keep a tool handy, accessible, and secure. The Sardine utilizes a 3D-printed mount, allowing you to install the clip under a bottle or cargo cage. It’s secure and easy to use, even with thick winter gloves.


If you’re signed up for our Group Ride Subscription plan, I’ll select a few lucky winners to receive a purple anodized Equipt Sardine and bottle cage mount this week!


Right now, the Equipt Sardine is available in the US from Black Sheep Bikes, Bikes Not Bombs and in the Philippines via Squeaky Wheel.



  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Features the standard bits needed for quick adjustments
  • Handfeel is superb
  • An “every ride carry” item


  • Only two dealers currently
  • No 8 mm (sometimes you need to tighten your pedals, or square-taper cranks!)


See more at Equipt Japan.