Eddy Merckx Autographed 7-11


Eddy Merckx Autographed 7-11

Emiliano went on the Ride in the Park with Eddy Merckx today and got the cannibal to sign his 7-11. The rain didn’t stop people from heading out and meeting with Eddy. Looks like fun! Bummed I missed out.

If you missed today’s event, tomorrow Eddy will be at Strictly Bicycles from 12:00 – 1:30 signing autographs. Just 5 blocks north of the GW bridge on Hudson Terrace. If you’re heading out to the Hills Hurt race, you’ll be really close-by.

To see the Emiliano’s full build, click below.

Here’s the side-view. Nice build!

I’ll have to wait till next time. My MXL is still awaiting a new bottom-bracket anyway.

Ride in the Park with Eddy Merckx