Do You Like My Halloween Costume?

Black and orange. Candy. Costumes. Excessive partying. Pick two. We opted for the first and the last in the list as a hasty jaunt into the Angeles National Forest became our most enticing opportunity on Halloween. Ty and myself would ride mountain bikes the following morning (today), Liz and Kyle were going trail running since Kyle’s hand is still messed up from the tandemonium crash on Lukens. Others were planning on joining, but succumbed to the body numb of alcohol and parties.

I swung by the local hippy dippy hepcat grocer and picked up food, packed it all in the cooler, loaded up MTB attire, camping gear and hit the road. It’d take me 50 minutes to drive up the ‘crest. Highway 2 is an amazing road climb, especially in the fleeting hours of daylight and as my truck rocked and rolled up the switchbacks, the sun began firing.

Upon entering the camp, I was stoked to find “the” spot was still open. I set up my tent after black flies swarmed me upon arrival. Usually I’ll just cowboy camp on warm nights, but the idea of bugs gnawing at me all night had me thinking otherwise. Once unpacked, I took off on the MTB to watch the sun set on a neighboring ridgeline, just missing out on enough light to shoot the 44 Bikes Marauder hardtail I’ve been diggin’ on lately. Next time.


Black and orange. Black and orange. Act one. A study in San Gabriel Silhouttes.

Meanwhile, back at basecamp, Kyle and Liz arrived, made dinner and the first of many drinks.


My Blackburn BB-gun took center stage as drinks went down the hole like a projectile into a can of shitty beer. Pop. Pfffft. Crankkkkk. Pop. It’s still mind-blowing that four humans can consume three bottles of bourbon… Excessive Partying. Act two.


The night crept and crept along, only breaking for the occasional shooting star and a refill of our cups. Where did all my cashews go?


Sunrise came an hour earlier than expected. Coffee, breakfast and water followed. Lots of water.

Kyle and Liz took off while Ty and I got dressed to ride. Because I enjoy riding bicycles when I don’t have a camera in a backpack. That said, someone was once quoted “the best camera is the one in your pocket.”

Video evidence 01:

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Video evidence 02:

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Once we finished up, I took my time exploring the various turn-outs on the 2 and shot some film, with one digital photo sneaking through my trigger finger.

Happy Halloween.