Compact Gearing


Compact Gearing

While I was waiting for Luke this morning to shoot some lines for Empire, I ran into Alan from CyclingWMD. He was riding his freshly-built Nagasawa decked out with a Shimano Dura Ace 10-pitch drivetrain.

Having recently just went to a 36t Sprocket, It was kinda cool to see the two bikes side-by-side with their mini rings. With a 13t Dura Ace cog on the back, it’s actually a pretty good gear. It gives you a ratio of 2.769 and with 38c tires, it’s comparable to 42:15 or 48:17.

10-pitch was a solution Dura Ace came up with to save weight and allow for more direct power. It required a proprietary cog, chainring, bcd and chain. Finding these in such good condition is a tough task, but obviously Alan is up to the challenge. Dude just exudes rare bike porn.

Alan with his Nagasawa. Check out some pics of his build over at CyclingWMD.

Good seeing you man!

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