Chrome: Fixed Freestyle Contest


Chrome: Fixed Freestyle Contest

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Chrome and Grime are throwing a little fixed freestyle contest:

“Well, kiddo, here’s your chance. Submit a link to your best Fixed Freestyle footage up to 1 minute long for a chance to win a major prize package from Chrome! All submissions must be in by November 23rd. Chrome’s own, Ed Wonka, will spend his Thanksgiving weekend reviewing the videos and announce a winner on Monday, November 28th. Prize packages for 1st-3rd places are as follows:

3rd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton Shoes
Krakow Backpack
Chrome T-shirt

2nd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton All-City Shoes
1 Pair of Soutside All-City Shoes
Borris Backpack
Anza Packable Windbreaker
Chrome T-shirt

1st Place:
Chrome Shoes For 1 Year (12 pair)
Yalta Rolltop Backpack
Cobra Zip Hoodie
Chrome & GRIME T-shirts”

Check out more info here!