BMW Clusterfork


BMW Clusterfork

Brooklyn Machine Works have been very busy over on Powers street in Williamsburg. They’ve been hashing out a new 700c trick fork and finally, the first batch is heading out to the painters. With so many forks on the market currently, it’s nice to see some unique details. I dig the ‘B’ logo cutout on the fork ends and the taper of the blades. Overall, it’s a really nice fork.

They also display the clearance the only way you should, with calipers. None of this “it’ll clear some obscure tire”.

Expect a nicely proportioned fork that will clear almost any frame and tire combo with a 410mm ass to cunt clearance. Not too heavy either, weighing in at 1360grams. Price? $175, handmade in the USA.

Lookin good guys!

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