Zoe’s Shifter Bikes Single Speed

I would call this bike “custom” but that seems to imply the frame itself was fabricated, tailored to Zoe’s dimensions. Truth be told, the frame is the least custom component in this bike. Rather, it’s a classic example of the branches overtaking the trunk, so to speak. This Shifter Bikes creation was polished, machined, bent and carved in all the right places. From the hardware, to the componentry, each piece was selected and shaped to fit Dan and Zoe’s particular aesthetic approach. Top it all off with custom Busyman kangaroo leather goods, this bike is toting some crafty, yet minimal detailing.

Check out more below.

Now that’s a Beautiful Bicycle. Kinda makes you want to break out the polishing wheel and hand files huh?

Check out more at my Flickr and if you want something along the lines of this, head to the Best bike shop, Shifter Bikes.