Souphourse’s KVA Stainless Ritte Road Bike

Billy Souphorse keeps the social media side of the cycling industry ticking. He’s got his hands in more companies than the Illuminati so when he decides it’s time for a custom bike, he goes right to his boys at Ritte (pronounced Rit-ttttttaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy). But he didn’t want just any bike. Billy wanted to go custom. Luckily for him, Spencer and the crew started offering fully custom bikes.

Each are hand made in California by the Ritte team and tailored to their customer’s specific needs. In Billy’s case, he loves dirt and gravel so he went with a KVA Stainless road bike. It’ll fit a bigger tire and still ride like a road bike, not a cross or a MTB. The Wound Up fork gives him extra clearance and the Ultegra group ensures he won’t be stranded out in the woods with a busted shifter. In general, this bike is hot. So hot that it gave some 2012 NAHBS on-lookers a bit of a chub.