Fulton Brewery Racing Team All City Nature Boy Cross

The Fulton Brewery Racing Team is a Minneapolis-based cross team that All-City sponsors and this year, Jeff decided to do something extra special for them. He took a batch of Nature Boy Zonas (before they all sold out) and painted them in the Fulton Brewery livery. That means they fly under the green, black and white colors (and get discounted beer). Win / win.

Then, Jeff did something very un-Jeff. He put a carbon fork on a bike that wasn’t engineered for one. Oh noes! Joking aside, Jeff and I always get into this debate. Personally, I think it looks rad! The Whisky Parts No7 forks are something to desire, especially when painted to match the rest of the bike.

I love what All-City is doing with the Fulton Brewery Racing Team and it makes me want to drink a Lonely Blonde right now. Check out more photos in the Gallery, including a shot of the new All-City Crossing Guard and rings.