Beautiful Bicycle: Chris’ Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Pista


Beautiful Bicycle: Chris’ Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Pista


Speaking of classics, as promised in today’s Merckx Mondays post, here’s Chris’ Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra pista in all its glory. Chris has been an avid reader on the blog for a while now and we’ve shot emails back and forth throughout the past year. For some people, it might be a little strange to meet up with a reader from their blog but I love doing it. Nothing gives you perspective on your readership than putting a face with an email address!

Last Saturday I met up with Chris and shot his lovely Merckx Pista, a truly Beautiful Bicycle. Check out more photos below!


Don’t let that sloppy Corsa Extra decal fool you, this is the original paint straight from the Eddy Merckx factory.


What better way to build a bike from the 80’s than with Campagnolo C-Record pista? Right down to the hubs, every detail on this build is stellar.


The Newbaum’s bar wrap and Cinelli 1a stem make this a sensible and smart option to the often bare track drops fad found on modern track bikes. Chris actually got that stem from Cicli Devotion.


Those finger prints are nagging at me right about now! The seatpost is early Record, prior to the more common aero shape.


I love me some SLX!


C-Record cranks, pedals, clips and straps. Wow!


The classic Eddy Merckx logo never gets old!


The C-record “contax” model headset is one of the nicer vintage headsets. With a tall stack height, this beauty livens up any cockpit.


The signature flat-crown, painted white.


With a paint-job that screams the 80’s.


Am I right?


The seat tube cluster on this bike is gorgeous.


Not bad huh?


I think Chris knocked this build out of the park.


Simply amazing!


I’m glad this isn’t my size or I would have taken off down the road in a mean sprint! Chris, you really have a nice bike here. Take care of that baby! As always, check out more photos on my Flickr and thanks once again to Chris. Remember, if you’ve got a Beautiful Bicycle like this in the Austin area, email me! I’ll come shoot photos of it.