Bali Randomness

This past week has been insanity. I can’t even describe how much fun we all had. Without rubbing it in too much, I’ll do my best to hit the main points. We got put up in an amazing villa, at the top of a range, surrounding Bali. We rented scooters, Ryan and I got lost. Really lost. Like 35km outside of town lost. Then we spent our days, kicking around town and finally, we visited the Monkey Forest. Tyler got bit on the thumb, sending him to a clinic, while the rest of us perused the local shops.

Our last day was spent at Dreamland Beach, where I almost drowned (long story) and now, we’re back in Jakarta for a few hours before I leave to head back to the States.

This trip would not have been possible without Rocket Company and their hospitality. For that, I am truly grateful and I cannot thank them enough. While I’m flying, enjoy the Bali Randomness below…