A Day in 10 Photos: 06.07.2011 (MEL_ADi10P)


A Day in 10 Photos: 06.07.2011 (MEL_ADi10P)


Where do I begin with Mr. Andy White? For starters, he went to college in my home state of NC, lived in Canada, messengered in NYC, SF and now lives in Melbourne where he infects the world with Fyxomatosis. Over the years, my red bearded bretheren and I have hung out in the streets of Japan and over beer and burgers in NYC. Neither one of us ever thought I’d make it to Melbourne but alas, I’m here. Yesterday I chased Andy around on his lovely Llewellyn MAX roadie while he ran errands and got his coffee FYX.

Check out nine more photos below!


Andy lives out in the sticks. So riding in the city is always a treat, even if he despises the post-modern and trendy architecture that litters the port.


As we snaked our way around MEL, we made detours to check out little pockets of hot spots. This alley is filled with wheatpaste and graffiti. Much like the old Mulburry St. in NYC.


On any given day, teenage girls and fashion photoshoots flock to this alley to get their “edgy” on…


How many times have bikes been photographed in front of graffiti before? Don’t worry, you’ll get detail photos of this beaut later.


It took him 7 years but he finally made FYXO stickers…


With our street art dosage filled, we continued on our journey through the streets.


The Melburn Roobaix is approaching and Andy’s days are filled with chasing down sponsors and filling out paper work. Over 800 people signed up and another 200 are on the waiting list this year.


We swung by a few shops and I was focusing more on the vintage racing bikes than taking photos.


After we rode all over and picked up various packages, we headed back to Liason coffee where the best Long Black awaited us. More on this later…

Like the last ADi10P entry, I’v got a ton more photos on my Flickr. So here’s a slideshow: