Disconnecting in Cerro Gordo Video Feb 6, 2019

As a supplement to our Reportrage with SRAM in Cerro Gordo, I pinged James from Drop Media to tell the story through his incredible video work. For an in-depth look at this ride, don’t miss the corresponding Reportage that dropped this morning.

  • Hell yeah! |

  • Brendan VDB

    Wow, awesome. Need to get out there. Also looking forward to Eagle cassettes on drop bar bikes.

  • jonny fong

    Haunting and beautiful video John. Solace and beauty can be found in some of the most harsh environments.

  • Ray Juncal


  • James Jay

    I really liked this.

  • Aaron Best

    The mountain 600 is my all time favorite boot.

  • Peperbek

    The fact that you mentioning in the video that the desert makes you disconnect from technology and all while riding a high zoot electronically wureless managed gear and seatpost system made me chuckle a bit if you don’t mind saying so.

  • christopher san agustin

    Digging it!

  • When I first watched this I thought, wow, that’s brave using that old silver collared Reverb in the cold. Then realized it was the new electronic version.

  • Harrison Shotzbarger

    nice to see you on the other side of the lens. awesome video. always love how inspiring a 4 minute clip can be. off to the desert now!