Fabio’s Chest Back in Stock Dec 17, 2018

The Fabio’s Chest bag, a do-it-all, bikepacking, cyclo-touring, errand, all-rounder bag that expands to carry necessities and cinches down for security, all in a Made in the USA package by Swift Industries is now in stock – again. Head on over to Ultra Romance’s webshop for more and if you have a Fab’s Chest, perhaps you can share photos of yours in the comments!

8 responses to “Fabio’s Chest Back in Stock”

  1. John Watson says:

    Here’s mine, nice and dusty! It works ok with the Jones Bar but I found the JJJ Bar works better with it. See the full gallery from the build in the related sidebar…


  2. IronMac says:

    I received mine (xpac large) last week and it is huge! It will fit in between 42cm drop bars but that means not being able to use the side pockets. As for seatpost to rear wheel clearance needed I am going to guess at least ten inches. 12 inches might be safer. I have not mounted the bag anywhere, just guessing.

    It is an extremely good looking bag and shockingly lightweight for its size. Just beware of the size when ordering. I’m going to sell mine if I can here in Singapore so I can turn around and order the small. hehe

    • John Watson says:

      Yeah, Benedict says that all the time. It’s not meant for 42mm drops. I have 47mm drops and it fits ok but this bag was intended for the 66.6cm drops he and Crust made, as well as flat bars.

  3. Andrew Arevalo says:

    I definitely underestimated my Large Fabios Chest for the rear and just have to deal with a saddle bag support rack for the rear, but i’m dying to use it to it’s full potential!