Jimmy and His Made in LA Dark Moon Fabrication 27.5+ Hardtail

Jimmy. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. How do you have such sick bikes?!

Since he began working at Golden Saddle Cyclery, Jimmy has come up on some pretty sweet bikes, in a kinda serendipitous manner. Take his latest bike for example. Our buddy Carlos has been spending the past few months setting up his shop, since leaving the head fabrication position at Stinner Frameworks. Carlos wanted to make frames for his own brand and after some time, he was ready to get some out and under his friends. Jimmy smelled the opportunity and jumped on it, selling his hardtail to fund a deposit to Carlos.

The result is the first complete Dark Moon Fabrication 27.5+ hardtail. Carlos has made a few mountain bike frames, but mostly to test out details, not to ride. After working out the geometry with Jimmy, he got to work on a bike with a 65º head angle, 150mm fork, and a 75º seat tube angle. After I saw the geo and signed off on it, Carlos got to work. The frame utilizes a symmetrical yoke plate at the bottom bracket cluster, a wishbone seat stay, and clearance for a 3″ tire with a 34t ring. Jimmy’s bike is official and boy did he go with all the right components on this bike, all chosen to accentuate the sparkle paint job on the bike.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jimmy more stoked to ride a bike. In fact, he rode things he had previously deemed off-limits with such fervent energy and it shows in the riding photos. New bike day stoke is real!

If you’d like a Dark Moon Fab frameset, holler at Carlos on his Instagram. He builds road, track, all-road, touring, and mountain bike frames right here in Los Angeles. A bike like Jimmy’s sells for $1,650 for the frame and paint.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

  • Jared Jerome

    But where did his leg go in #1?!

  • Lucien Chardon

    not convinced by that thin tube standing in for propper seat stays (#9)

    • colavitos_ghost

      I must agree that it does *look* thin!

      • Luckily, engineering can often defy “looks.” ;-)

    • Segmented stays have been used in mountain bike design and fabrication for decades. They’re straight gauge tubes usually and believe it or not, I’ve seen thinner. Two of my bikes have this sort of design, one is thinner than this, and I’ve never had an issue with it.

      • mark rothschild

        Ala…Elephant Bikes..Spokane Glen an Old Pal

  • mark rothschild

    Wife…Likes the Rubber-Side Up….also

  • Ray Juncal

    Way to go Jimmy, looks pretty sweet…ride hard, take chances.

  • AdamBike99

    That yoke is no joke! 10/10. Congrats to both Carlos and Jimmy on this badass build.

    Jimmy’s attire says, “Where’s the beach?”
    The bike says, “Where’s the mosh pit?”

  • Justin Scoltock


  • California Travis

    Feeling this bike!

  • Michael

    This thing looks so fun. More geo deets needed! :)