Ramblin’ and Riding ‘Round Utah Mar 31, 2018

We’re on a two-week road trip in Utah, from Kanab to Moab, exploring various places in between and riding bikes as much as we can. Expect an epic, geological, mind-blowing gallery when we get back! For now, follow @JohnProlly for some snippets along the way.


    Regarding the size large dent in your door, it was bound to happen to any vehicle that see’s enough off road time. Granted it was not your fault, do keep in mind that chicks dig body damage…. or something like that….. well I guess you will have to ask Cari. :)

    • hah! I woulda rather dented it on trail, not how it happened. Oh well! It’s a wild story but Ziggy rolls on. I talked to the rental car place (Enterprise) where the two super n00b dudes got their vehicle. The manager was shocked and ensured me they’d work with me on the repairs.

      • Bryce Rinkenberger

        only super n00bs would do something that unthinkable. It does look tougher with a dent though..

  • Aaron Best

    Heavy rain in the forecast on Thursday be weary of some of those back roads! Also if you’re in the Zion/Springdale area hit up the restaurant I work at, Kings Landing, best food in town!

    • We’ll be in the Green River area on Thursday, so no worries! Thanks for the tip though!

  • If you pass through Boulder, UT grab a meal and tour the farm at Hell’s Backbone Grill. I think you’d get along with Ace Kvale who lives in town… brother of Chris, legend ski shooter with epic stories and even better slideshows. Also the proud owner of Desert Dawg. Let me know if you want an introduction or just ping him at his website and tell him I sent you.

    • Oh, we ate there! So good! Drove out via Burr via Capital Reef. In Green River now.

      • Awesome. We took a break for a year and spent a season working at HBG. Flip flopped between the Burr Trail and HWY 12 as our road rides. Enjoy the trip.

        • Nice. We met a bunch of younger people working there and my buddy lived there for 3 months on assignment for Nat Geo exploring dirt roads .

  • Erik Steele

    These are awesome! I own a 1967 Fj40 and mountain bike like it’s a religion. So I guess I’m hooked to these articles.

  • Was just at White Pocket yesterday 👍 how amazing is it?! It’s like an enormous real-life Francis Bacon painting. Totally surreal. Got some good shots with rain clouds and the occasional sun peeking through.

  • Ian Reiman

    Please me, don’t tease me!

  • Ryan Koger

    Don’t sleep on Goblin Valley/White Horse Canyon!

  • Nathan Crissman

    Ok, I’ve got a tire question and I don’t mean the bicycle kind. On your RHD (that I believe now lives in Texas) you had Kenda clever A/Ts and now you’re running Falkens (what kind?) on Ziggy. I mention all this because I currently have some piss poor 285/75/16s on mine that need to be replaced really bad. they never balance and cause massive vibrations at speeds over 55mph. What has been your favorite tire?

    • I have the Falken WILDPEAK A/T3W LT285/75R16 and I dig em!

      • Nathan Crissman

        I pulled the trigger on them yesterday. Thanks man!

  • Alex(K)

    Hey John, if you could have a cabin/weekend home anywhere in Utah, what would be your top spot? Can’t wait for the full gallery…