The Freitag Zippelin: An Inflatable Travel Bag Sep 13, 2017

Freitag has made a name for itself by recycling old transport truck tarpaulins into everyday bags, a creative and at the time, innovative way of adaptive reuse. Now, their newest innovation pushes the envelope even further with Zippelin, an inflatable travel bag, freshly launched, yet already wildly popular on Kickstarter. Personally, I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • DopePedaler

    rad kickstarter vid!

  • Eric Hancock

    Love this.

  • Theodor Rzad

    Been a fan of Friday bags since my old lady was based in Zurich for school ~18 yrs ago (?!). She still uses the messenger bag she bought back then and I still use a small duffel I picked up ~10 yrs ago that color matched and perfectly fit my supermonoposto MZ :) Psyched to see what my options will be with whatever tier I signed up for on the Zippelin’s Kickstarter!

  • Dave Sear

    My job is to travel and i live in a small London flat. This is the product i have been waiting for. Thank you Freitag!

  • This is rad bag. Now I want a bike bag version of this.

  • Lucky me, I live right over a small mountain from Freitag HQ. Now, to see if I can find one of these on serious discount.