The Best Olympic Branding Sep 25, 2017

Is on display at the LACMA this month in the Found in Translation: Design in California and Mexico, 1915–1985 exhibition. Make sure you check it out. I wonder what the new Los Angeles branding will look like in 2028?

  • William Bender

    Here is a great podcast about all the design work.

    • thanks!

      • Tim Guarente

        This whole podcast is so good. If you haven’t, give a few episodes a listen.

    • Came here to link to this podcast. Really great!

      How cool would it be if 2028 branding was a riff on the 68 branding? I’d love to see something similar done with today’s technology and executions.

      • trololo

        Not sure I agree. The devil’s of course in the details but I don’t think we need to chase retro aesthetic every chance we get…

        • True, but for me it’d be less of chasing retro and more paying homage to a widely recognised quality Olympic banding. I suppose that’s the subjective part.

  • RiverCityBicycles

    Looks like the Passover album cover

  • tylernol

    my favorite is the ’72 design: