Rapha Los Angeles is Now Open Aug 29, 2017

After a successful pop-up in Venice, Rapha has opened a more permanent establishment, just blocks from the Pacific Ocean and a short pedal from the mountains and hills. Head over to Rapha to read more information on the new Los Angeles Clubhouse.

  • Sean K

    Apologies for the nitpick, but the pop-up was actually in Venice on Abbot Kinney, not Santa Monica.

    • Yeah, I went to it a few times, total brain fart on my part this morning.

  • Quinn.e

    Not a big Rapha due but can’t argue with the quality of their short films, makes me want to get out to the City of Angels again and see the real LA. I’ve seen the first layer, now it’s time to peel the layer back and explore.

    • Hopefully that’s what you’ve been seeing here on the site! ;-)

      • Quinn.e

        Big fan of the site John, as a 57 year old who’s been cycling for over 35 years, your site has opened me up to a whole new world of cycling possibilities that were not on my horizon. Was always a roadie, that’s all I knew and all that I thought was cool. Now I’ve shed the lycra full time for some baggy shorts and a T-shirt, sold the carbon racing rig for a fixed gear adventure/grovel :) bike and currently building up a SS MTB for the Carolina lowcountry. As my wife says your site has help kill my inner roadie douche bag. She and I thank you

        • That means a lot. Thank you and keep riding!