Akrigg Does Drop Bar Aug 2, 2017

Following in a long history of cheeky drop bar trials videos, Chris Akrigg threw the Fox AX 40mm suspension fork on his Mongoose Guide and, well, did what Akrigg does.

  • Beau Street

    No big deal, Akrigg and MacAskill lead my Tuesday group ride said nobody ever. When he pulled beer and sausage out of his frame bag, my head exploded.

  • Rick

    Sure he’s got skills, but this is cringeworthy.. the mashing, rim chunking, on trend beer and sausage ender… kinda takes the integrity out of things and just screams marketing grossness

    • Smithhammer

      Cuz…you don’t approve of mashing, chunking a rim now and then, beer drinking and grilling out?

    • Ham Sandwich

      im sorry this video didnt have enough awolnation for you.

    • mrbiggs

      If this is marketing grossness, put some ketchup on it and give me seconds.

    • You don’t like banger banger enders?

  • toffee

    He’s got skills, and a sausage…. And probably lots of flat tyres…

  • Steve C

    Ace vidz with Chris in. the current bet here in the office is 1 rim, three sets of tyres and 15 flats!

  • Emory Hancock

    That sound editing was mind blowing.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Yeah, that was pretty good.

  • Ian Guignet

    guys mint. makes me smash trails harder

  • This was so rad in so many ways I’d hardly know where to begin. But two things I will say is: seeing videos like this continually proves to me that the bicycle is the most versatile form of personal transport humans have, even comparing to things like horses. And that I would never even think of doing something like that without having tyres at least twice that size. The amount of cringe enducing moments of tyre and rim abuse in this video is astonishing. True props though for the incredible skill displayed here.

  • steve

    Rode with Chris around a month ago and he makes everything look so easy. And the best part is he’s having fun whenever riding

  • Euan Lindsay

    FYI, this was shot on Arran

  • Noah Behnke

    I need to learn to ride my bike

  • AdamBike99

    Tires continue to astound me. I’m sure a few tires (and maybe rims) got R.I.P.’d during filming (would love to see the outtakes), but the fact that they still handled all of the “A-footage” is mind boggling.