The Mountains of Radness Jul 6, 2017

Last night, we escaped from the heat of Los Angeles, to ride mountain bikes and camp up in Chilao, our go-to refuge, spending time exploring the various granite boulders for lines, both new and old. Cache wins the biggest balls award, for a steep and sketchy chute Kyle found while pushwacking through manzanita. It’s always the same, however, because nothing ever looks as steep as it is! Check out a few more shots below.

  • Zian

    Damn your photos are amazing!

  • Damn! That place looks real good!

  • ncoffeeneur

    There definitely needs to be a Mountains of Radness shirt now.

  • caliente

    yo bro, how you get that canyon before the brand drops in the USA?! JELLY!

  • supr3mo

    You know it’s steep when your balls are already at the back of the rear tire.

  • Sani Saniman

    Real courage to ride that ‘wall’ ….