Trail Dogs! Jun 7, 2017

… make every video better!

  • jh

    it’s clear that God invented Video drones to capture shredding singletrack with you dog.

  • joe_man

    Thanks for posting this. My late dog loved going riding with me. He was a German Shorthaired Pointer and I’ve never seen another trail dog run the way he did, but this guy is pretty similar (looks like a Viszla so that makes sense). Damn I miss that dog.

  • Nick Zarnetske

    I love riding with my dog, we went out yesterday for a little ride, it’s the best!!

  • Ryan Nowicki

    Vizsla’s are the best! I love riding with my boy. He can outpace me any day of the week.

  • Noah Behnke
  • AdamBike99

    Best video of the year, in dog years!