International #GetSickDay is June 25th


International #GetSickDay is June 25th

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Quick question… Who deserves a day off work (for riding bikes)?

Answer- We All Do!

Thursday June 25th will be the first ever #GETSICKDAY where we are inviting everyone to call off work, shut down your computers and head out to ride bikes. If you don’t think your Boss is going to understand the need to dip out of the real world and into GNARnia for a little riding, well, we are taking a page out of Ferris Beuller Day Off with this one. Just call it in, because, we’re going to be out “getting sick” after all. He doesn’t have to know that it’s sick skids or sick trails or even a sick road ride. Just call in sick. You know you want to. Once you’ve got that pesky little bit out of the way, then scan the flyer for your local ride.

NOTE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you even ‘gram bro? The point of this is to have fun and ride with your friends. Get a little sweaty and take the day off. Maybe stop for a beer by the river and then decide to shed some layers for a dip in that cool water. The point is NOT to get yourself into some real trouble. So, if you’re in a position where being seen on the nightly news at the ball game is going to put you in a tight spot for work the next day (“but I didn’t know he was a Dodgers fan!”) maybe hold off on the social media blitz during the day. Same goes for Oakley Eyes or showing off your tan lines at work. The point is, be careful, anything could give you away.

The point of this is that it is one less day at you cubical/cash register/office building/lawn mowing/dog walking/VHS tape rewinding job. You deserve it! And for those of you that do not have that kind of job, you should be commended on your great life decisions.
Below is a list of cities that are already on board and companies that will be hosting. If don’t see your city and you would like to host a ditch day ride its pretty easy…just make it happen! It would be nice to have all rides start/finish at a local bike shop or other cool bike business and keep the pace chill so that all can join in but it is in no way mandatory. If you and your crusher friends want to do your own #SUPERSICKDAYSTRAVARACERBOYZ Ride then you can do that too.


Individual ride details will be posted shortly on each hosts website and/or Instagram.

Individual ride details will be posted shortly on each hosts website and/or instagram.Austin- Hosted by Mellow Johnny’s (road) & The Radavist (cross / mountain)
Boulder TBD
Boston TBD
Japan- Hosted by Circles
Los Angeles (Road): Hosted by Golden Saddle Cyclery
Los Angeles (Mountain): Hosted by Topanga Creek Bicycles
London: Hosted by The 5th Floor
Minneapolis: Hosted by All-City
Orange County: Hosted by Steve Blick
New York City: TBD
Portland Hosted by: The Athletic
Santa Barbara: Hosted by Stinner Frameworks
Santa Cruz: Hosted by Strawfoot
San Francisco: Hosted by Mission Workshop

Vancouver- TBD