I’m in Indianapolis with Zipp Today Mar 5, 2015


What better way to segue into NAHBS and documenting handmade bicycle frames than to visit a facility that produces handmade carbon wheels. Today I’ve been touring the Zipp factory in Indianapolis where I got to see the process from cutting sheets of carbon to testing current and future products. As you could imagine, a lot of this process is top secret, but Zipp allowed photos of specific areas throughout the afternoon.

Expect more reportage to come before NAHBS content begins.

  • caliente

    I’m super excited to see your photos from NAHBS!
    What’s the story with that white wheel? is that a prototype or something?

    • Patrick Murphy

      I can only speculate, but looks like 8 SLA print segments glued together to make a rim for wind tunnel testing.

  • ap

    an albino – it was born without any pigment

  • professorvelo

    I think the one behind it is an early experiment with birdseye maple

    • caliente

      So cool. I want some wooden 303s now.