The 2015 Levi’s Commuter Men’s Line Mar 11, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.10.24 PM

With all the attention given to the Levi’s Commuter women’s line, it should be noted that the men’s line has some nice additions as well. The Trucker, 511 Trouser, 511 Slim return and welcome the Raglan Shirt and a new Windbreaker. Head over to Levi’s to see the full lineup.

  • Erik B

    Hoping for longer sleeves on those jackets.

  • Ryan

    Awesome to see Aaron’s 44RN in the Ad.

  • Ian Stone

    513’s PLEASE!

  • andrew low

    haha thats Rafi of Rafael cycles!

  • Matt Jackson

    the women’s is so much more expensive…

  • recurrecur

    I bought a pair of the jeans to replace some of their original Commuter line that had given up the ghost.

    These aren’t up to par. They’ve dropped the Schoeller treatment, the fabric is thin and feels cheap. They should be charging half price for these.
    Quit the cost cutting, Levis….

  • Please kill the skinny jean! Most cyclists don’t have twigs for legs.

    • I’d love to see your statistics on that… Levi’s seems like a company that would kill the skinny jeans if they didn’t sell, but they’re probably selling well. I know 5 years ago my legs were huge, but now I ride more and eat healthier and my legs have shrunk considerably.

      • cuppow

        They did kill the SUPER skinny 510 – they only go as skinny as 511.

        • chris

          the 510 were the only thing in the line i was really into actually. most cyclists aren’t olympic sprinters, these are “commuter jeans” so probably for people who are skinnier than average due to exercise on their bikes, not competitive pros. for the record though, here’s a nice shot of Wiggo’s legs, not exactly tree trunks:

          bring back the 510s!!

    • adam_perin

      Also they make a regular fit style too. Just cause they sell the skinny doesn’t mean you have to buy it! Options are a good thing.

  • macbot3000

    I have 3 pair of the trouser style with the nanosphere treatment. Super comfortable and look like regular pants in the office.

    The nanosphere coating is really pretty amazing on these. Liquids bead up and magically roll off. I even dumped a creamed coffee down one leg without issue.

    I also have a pair of the 5-pocket type, these don’t repel anything, but are also really comfortable.

  • cuppow

    I spy an 44RN ring!